Do you work in the legal world? Whether you are a lawyer, paralegal, social worker, or law enforcement official, part of your job is transcribing important information, court recordings, documents, and more. This transcription work can take up a large chunk of your day. However, LawRecorder has a transcription solution for you — a transcription app that records pleadings, summaries, meetings, and more, and uploads the files to your phone or email, at a significantly lower cost than traditional legal transcription services. We even take it one step further by providing you with forms and templates that can be conveniently saved on your phone. In the following blogs, you’ll find more information regarding our transcription recorder and how our services can help make your job more efficient.

  1. How LawRecorder Can Make Police Transcription Easier

    Welcome back to the LawRecorder blog! Today, we’re going to discuss how law enforcement officials can use and benefit from digital transcription. The duty of law enforcement officials is to keep residents safe and protected. While striving to do this, legal transcription services are of immense he…Read More

  2. The Importance Of Accurate Dictation And Legal Transcription Services

    If you work in the legal field as a lawyer, paralegal, or court reporter, you are most likely familiar with the role of transcription. Providing accurate transcripts for legal depositions, trials, and hearings is imperative. And while it saves you time to outsource legal transcription services, the …Read More

  3. Welcome To Our Legal Transcription Services Blog

    Welcome to our blog! Here at Rapid Transcriptions LLC, we are proud of our mobile legal secretary app — called LawRecorder — that allows for fast formatted transcriptions for lawyers, social workers, law enforcement, and paralegals. From audio recording to transcription, the LawRecorder app can …Read More