Financial advisors have a very important job. Working with clients and their finances requires organization and efficiency, as well as accuracy and thoroughness. Among the many tools and procedures financial advisors utilize is transcription. From recording client and investor calls, documenting important notes from meetings, and summarizing seminars, sessions, interviews, and reports, there is a high need for financial transcription.

And much like other professions, the financial industry is staying up to date with digital and technological advancements. That said, transcription services can be on the pricey side. There’s no doubt that hiring an in-house transcriber, or even outsourcing the work, can result in a costly secretarial overhead. When it comes to financial transcription, there needs to be an emphasis on accuracy and efficiency. Advisors shouldn’t have to wait for days to get their transcription file back. Rather, there is need for timely, cost efficient transcription services that doesn’t sacrifice quality or accuracy throughout the process.

This is where LawRecorder steps in. As a completely mobile transcription recorder, this application is changing the way financial advisors are recording and documenting important meetings, information, and client/investor relations. Rather than working with an outsourced or in-house transcriptionist, the LawRecorder application is easily accessible through a smartphone. The recording is sent to an American-English speaking transcriptionist who will thoroughly transcribe, keeping close attention to detail. The transcribed file will be sent back within 24 hours.

With this transcription recorder, financial advisors are freed up to devote their time and energy to their work, rather than worrying whether or not their recordings are being transcribed correctly and efficiently. Long gone are the days of waiting around for a transcription only to realize that it’s incomplete and overpriced. If you work in the financial advising profession and are looking for a timely and cost-efficient solution to your transcription needs, download the LawRecorder transcription recorder for a free 10-minute trial.