Whether you work in law, law enforcement, finance, social services, or are a student or work in a different field, transcribing audio files for taking notes or documenting meetings can be a great convenience. In the digital age we are living in, it is a luxury for us to have access to easy-to-use and efficient transcription software. When used correctly, digital transcription software can greatly benefit us.

But this isn’t just for those working in school or in their profession. If you are working on any type of project, or are just a detailed-oriented note taker, having a reliable record and transcribe app can add convenience, organization, and efficiency to your life. And with LawRecorder, you’ll have access to highly trained American-English speaking transcriptionists who will work to get your audio files transcribed with accuracy and time-efficiency.

The best part about LawRecorder goes beyond the fact that you’ll get your transcription back to you within 24 hours of submitted the file — it’s the fact that you’ll be saving money in the long run. Hiring in-house transcriptionists, or even outsourcing the work, can cost a pretty penny, and no matter what profession you work in, keeping overhead costs low is always something to strive for. There is no doubt that there is a huge need for transcriptionists, but when you consider that LawRecorder charges per job, rather than a salary, you might think twice before calling up someone.

No matter what you’re working on, whether that be a personal project, a series of interviews, or a meeting/seminar for work, our record and transcribe app can provide you with peace of mind. Through LawRecorder, you’ll have access to transcriptionists who work to accurately and thoroughly transcribe your documents within 24 hours at a price you can afford. Interested? Download the app to try a free 10-minute trial for yourself.