If you’re in a management position, chances are you are responsible for hiring new employees when the time comes. Depending on your position, going through the interview process can be long, tedious, and sometimes tiresome with so many people applying. You want to be able to take good notes on the candidates, jot down things they’ve said, and document as much as you can before you make your decision amongst many. Taking physical notes is a good idea, but it’s so easy to stop writing down notes and engage with the interviewee, especially when you get into a good conversation.

So how can you ensure that you record as much as you can about the candidate without scribbling away with pen and paper?

The answer is with digital transcription software.

Instead of physical notetaking, consider recording the interview. There are many benefits to setting down your pen and pad of paper and turning on a recording device instead. For one, you get to actually engage with the interviewee in front of you instead of trying to jot down everything they say. You can create an actual connection and listen to what they are saying. Secondly, an audio recording allows you to go back and listen to the conversation again.

With the digital transcription software through the LawRecorder app, you can easily record and transcribe audio files from your interviews. Once an interview or conversation is recorded, all you have to do is upload it through the app. A highly trained transcriptionist will record the audio and send it back to your smartphone and email within 24 hours. You can then store the file to review at a later time. This will come in hand when you are trying to select between candidates and want to review their interviews before officially filling the position.

Take the time to download the LawRecorder app to try a free 10-minute trial.