Welcome back to the LawRecorder blog! Today, we’re going to discuss how law enforcement officials can use and benefit from digital transcription. The duty of law enforcement officials is to keep residents safe and protected. While striving to do this, legal transcription services are of immense help. In today’s ever-changing and chaotic world, police officers are bombarded daily with traffic accidents and violations, along with criminal investigations and interrogations. A transcription system can help with all of this.

By using a transcription recorder like LawRecorder, you essentially can have a mobile legal secretary in your pocket. It’ll go everywhere you go and help you communicate what you’re seeing to others.

How can law enforcement officials use a transcription recorder?

If you’re a police officer or other law enforcement official, chances are you already know some of the ways you should use or are using transcription services. However, we revolutionized the format through an app, and you can now use it in more effective ways than ever before.

  • Record things in real time. When you’re investigating a scene and you need detailed, accurate reports, there’s no better way than dictating into your phone while you investigate the scene. Long gone are the days of scribbling down frenzied notes either during or after the investigation. Your reports will be more specific and useful later when you live dictate them.
  • Upload and use forms and templates. As a law enforcement official, you know there’s a lot of paperwork to be completed and forms to fill out often. Your law enforcement transcription will become easier and more complete when you upload necessary forms and templates and then have them at your fingertips for later use.
  • Search and store forms and templates. If you’re not sure what template or form is going to work best for you, but you’re wanting to streamline your transcription service through one, you can actually search for and store templates in LawRecorder.
  • Add custom words and address lists. As a police officer, you’re traveling to lots of different places and meeting lots of people. You also frequently use jargon that is unique to your field. Go ahead and add custom words, addresses, unique terms, and acronyms that you’re likely to use in your dictations and other recordings. This will benefit you later on when a transcriptionist is completing your work. He or she can look at your lists for clarification on a difficult word and thereby ensure accuracy.
  • Track everything. Ever wanted to have all of your important information in one convenient location? You’re in luck. With an app for law enforcement transcription, you can track and record traffic accidents and violations, interrogations, Q & As, criminal investigations, and much more. Basically wherever your job is taking you on any given day, you can utilize your transcription system to help you do your job better.

Why should law enforcement officials use a transcription recorder?

All of the features we discussed above are useful, but it gets even better when you end up saving a department, both officers and investigators alike, more time, money, and energy.

  • It’ll save time. There are two different ways that legal transcription services can save you time. First of all, officers can dictate notes, reports, and more much faster than they could type or handwrite them. The thoughts will flow quicker while speaking and increase speed overall. Additionally, however, officers won’t be spending time behind their desks to transcribe their reports; they’ll be out working and bettering the community instead. And how much of a turnaround time is there? You’ll receive your transcriptions within 24 hours or less from submission.
  • It’ll save money. Have you been getting paid overtime to sit behind your desk and transcribe everything? Sure, the overtime money is nice. But it costs your department greatly and the work could be furthered in more cost-effective ways. Or do you have an in-house transcriber? Or does your department outsource to a transcriber? Both are good options that get the job done, but the overhead costs are huge. Use affordable digital transcription instead. You’ll also reduce training costs for new employees.
  • It’ll save energy. Long hours spent typing reports isn’t ideal for officer morale or motivation. Chances are, you didn’t get into law enforcement so you could type reports all day. By using transcription services instead, you’ll have more time to spend with family and friends and will even decrease employee burnout.

Why LawRecorder?

By using LawRecorder, you’ll always have English-speaking, American transcriptionists who are highly qualified completing your work. Confidentiality and accuracy are paramount, and we recognize that. By having an intuitive, easy-to-use app with features such as a list for custom words and addresses, that accuracy is consistently established. Download a free 10-minute trial today and see your police transcription benefit your department.