When we think of law enforcement officials, we may think of men in dark blue suits in police cars, perhaps eating a donut. To many of us, their jobs are to patrol the streets and give out tickets. But their jobs extend far beyond just that. In fact, the law enforcement utilizes transcription as a tool to track and record traffic accidents, violations, interrogations, Q&As, criminal investigations, and so much more.

If you work in the law enforcement profession, you know first hand how important transcription is in your field. From recording important documents and police reports, to verbally documenting traffic accidents and violations as they are happening, law enforcement transcription plays a valuable role. The information that is documented through law enforcement transcription is kept on file for future reference whether it is in hard copy format or digitally, which means that what is transcribed needs to be completely accurate.

Law enforcement transcription must be completed with extreme attention to detail. The terminology that is used can easily get confusing if the transcriptionist isn’t well-versed on or doesn’t understand law enforcement procedures. Outsourcing transcriptionists who know law enforcement language well are expensive, and there still can be room for errors or inaccuracies. So what options are available for accurate, thorough transcription that isn’t outrageously expensive?


As a fully-mobile secretary, the LawRecorder record and transcribe app will benefit anyone in the law enforcement field with timely, accurate, and cost-efficient transcription services. Long gone are the days of overspending on outsourced transcriptionists only to realize that the work they were producing wasn’t correct or accurate. Now with the LawRecorder app, you can experience a peace of mind knowing that your recordings are being accurately transcribed in a time efficient manner at a price you don’t have to think twice about. Download the app today for a free 10-minute trial to experience the flexibility and effectiveness of law enforcement transcription yourself.