The time and money spent on professional transcription services is large. With so many professions, including legal, paralegal, law enforcement, and social work, involving the use of dictation recording and transcription, there’s no doubt that everyone is looking for a saving grace. From recording meetings, hearings, pleadings, summaries, and just basic informational documents, it’ll be hard to weasel your way out of any dictation or transcription work in your profession. Yet, the time that is consumed by either transcribing audio files yourself or from waiting on audio files from transcriptionists isn’t something that can go ignored.

Enter LawRecorder.

LawRecorder is a record and transcribe app designed for the use of lawyers, paralegals, social workers, and law enforcement officials. It is a 24/7 mobile secretary that allows users to easily record, upload, and send audio recording files to a transcriptionist who will get the work done and send it back to you within 24-hours. You can search for, upload, and store forms and templates on the app for easy access. Now professionals can save time and energy while still ensuring an efficient and accurate transcription process.

Today we’re going to list out the many benefits that come with downloading and utilizing the LawRecorder app. If you’re ready to get started today, download the app to try a free 10-minute trial to get you on your way.

The Benefits Of The LawRecorder App

Cost Efficient

Secretaries and professional transcriptionists can be expensive, and adding an extra layer of overhead costs that you shouldn’t have to worry about. But wouldn’t it be nice to say goodbye to these unnecessary expenses while still receiving high-quality transcriptions? With the LawRecorder app, all you have to do is easily download it onto your smartphone. It’s not only accessible and highly convenient, but it’s inexpensive. And that’s a word we all love to hear.

Easily Accessible And Flexible

We’re a mobile first platform. In our technology-driven world, harnessing the power, accessibility, and flexibility of your smartphone into LawRecorder’s transcription services is nothing but revolutionary. Our record and transcribe app will keep your informed on the progress of your transcription job, and then allow you to easily access the file when it is completed. Recording and transcribing audio has never been so simple, efficient, and accurate.

Add Custom Wording

If you have any unique spellings to make note of, or need to add in any acronyms, specific names, and addresses, you can easily provide this in the application, and then save the information for future reference. This feature allows for further accuracy in each completed transcription and make the process of transcribing effective and efficient the first time around.

Try A Free 10-Minute Trial Today

Are you a lawyer, paralegal, law enforcement officer, or social worker who is tired of wasting valuable time transcribing your own audio files, and spending too much unnecessary money on overhead transcriptionist costs? Then it’s time for you to download our record and transcribe app. Easy, effective, and inexpensive, you’ll have access to quality audio recordings and accurate transcriptions at the push of a button. It’s never too late to start the process.

Still don’t believe us? That’s OK, we don’t have to tell you — you’ll just have to try it for yourself. Download the app today for your free 10-minute trial. We know you’re not going to regret this.