The Perfect Part-Time Job

The ideal independent contractor job working from home-Signing on as a LawRecorder transcriptionist. You choose the hours you want to work. Jobs are regularly posted to the LawRecorder transcriptionist’s site, and you pick which ones you want to complete. Payment is calculated per minute of the audio recording uploaded by customers.

Requirements to become a Transcriptionist

  • Experienced typists who can type at least 60 words per minute.and are adept at transcription of audio recordings.
  • You’ll need a standard foot pedal system for playing audio recordings. A working knowledge of Microsoft Word is also required.
  • Experience as a legal secretary or paralegal is preferred. Many jobs will require you to utilize legal forms and templates uploaded by users of the LawRecorder app. A basic understanding of legal terms and formats is necessary.
  • Upon notice that you have passed the typing test, we will ask you to complete a transcription test.
  • We will require a background check with your permission before hiring
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