Welcome to our blog! Here at Rapid Transcriptions LLC, we are proud of our mobile legal secretary app — called LawRecorder — that allows for fast formatted transcriptions for lawyers, social workers, law enforcement, and paralegals. From audio recording to transcription, the LawRecorder app can do it all. If you work in a profession where you could benefit from legal transcription services in the form of a downloadable app, you’re in the right place.

Our app ensures that transcription is made easy without sacrificing accuracy. Depending on your profession, you can record pleadings, summaries, and meetings. Once you submit the file, highly qualified transcriptionists will complete the recording and send it to you via phone or e-mail within 24 hours. Professionals will not only save time, but they’ll save on overhead costs from hiring in-house transcriptionists or secretaries.

In our first blog post, we’re going to be giving an overview of how our legal transcription app can benefit professionals in the legal world, social work, law enforcement, and paralegal. Continue reading along to learn the ways in which our technology can work in your favor. Be sure to contact us today to start your free 10-minute transcription trial.

How Our Legal Transcription Services App Can Help A Variety Of Professions


Accurate transcription is vital in legal cases. It is essential for audio recorders who sit in on court trials to provide transcripts for legal depositions, trials, and hearings. When these court reporters implement technology to help get the job done correctly, they are only ensuring further accuracy. Court reporter or lawyer, there is no doubt that having a reliable, easy-to-use transcription recorder on your phone will make your job a little bit easier. You’ll be making sure that everything is correct and is done in a timely fashion (within 24 hours!) and this will only work in your favor.

Social Workers

Social work is another professional industry that requires a large amount of reporting and documentation. Not only that, but this information is incredibly important and must be accurate. Transcribing is an integral tool used by many social workers. This can be timely and stressful without the implementation of transcription technology. This is where LawRecorder can be incredibly beneficial. Users can simply download this app onto their phone to record, and your document can be transcribed within 24 hours and sent back. In a profession as fast-paced as social work, this transcription technology is revolutionary.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officials use transcription to record important documents and police reports. Like with lawyers and social workers, police officers need to be as accurate with this information as possible. And now with our LawRecorder transcription software, they can easily download the app and verbally dictate and record accidents in traffic or any violation. This allows for an incredible amount of freedom for officers, as they can now easily record the information without having to rely on simple recall. And the best part? Within 24 hours, they’ll have the transcription completed.

If you’re interested, contact us today to try a free 10-minute transcription trial.