In 2016 there were 682,100 jobs for social workers in the United States. Social workers today are more overworked than ever before, and there is an ever-increasing need to improve the quality of case documentation and client care while also reducing the time and costs involved. This all adds up to social workers struggling more and more to complete their job well.

Record and transcribe apps will help social workers to do their jobs better while reducing the funds and time needed. Our blog today details the various ways an audio transcription app will help you thrive as a social worker.

You’re recording confidential information.

As a social worker, you’re consistently recording confidential information that you need to be kept private and organized. You need to be able to find things quickly and intuitively. By using an app like LawRecorder, you can have all of that confidential information in one place.

You’ll save time.

There are two different ways that social workers save time by using a record and transcribe app. You guessed it: through both the recording and the transcribing.

Save time recording

When you use a record and transcribe app, you can speak your notes, thoughts, and reports by voice into the app instead of manually typing everything. You may be a fast typer, but you’ll be surprised by how much time this can save you. Dictating notes rather than typing can save social workers nearly two-thirds of the time they would have spent. An audio transcription app can fit into your pocket, go with you when you’re driving, or easily be in any other scenario where you could record something quickly and easily while maximizing your time.

Save time transcribing

As more and more responsibility has been loaded onto the duties of social workers, they’ve had to start transcribing their own materials. This quickly eats away at their valuable time that they could use to be helping people. All of our trained transcriptionists will have your content back to you within 24 hours. By outsourcing this work to transcription professionals who use a record and transcribe app, social workers can get back to doing what they do best: helping others.

You’ll save money.

In an effort to save money, some social workers or their companies will have transcription work done by an in-house or outsourced transcriptionist. This may seem like a good idea at first, especially if it’s to an in-house transcriptionist, but it actually drastically increases the overhead costs. You can greatly decrease those costs, however, by using digital transcription software instead.  

You’ll have high-quality work.

Some people mistrust audio transcription software because they can’t see the person on the other end; they’re not sure who is transcribing for them and whether they’ll do a good job or not.

With LawRecorder, your audio file will always be submitted to a highly trained, English-speaking transcriptionist who will do work quickly and accurately. You can expect the highest quality of work.

Download LawRecorder today.

We can assure you that LawRecorder will fulfill your needs for a record and transcribe app, and you’ll enjoy all the benefits we’ve listed above. Download LawRecorder today for a free 10-minute trial.

You didn’t enter the social work field so that you could spend all your time transcribing your audio files and notes from meetings. You wanted to make the world a little bit better of a place through your efforts and skills to help others. By using LawRecorder as your record and transcribe app, you’ll get quality work and have more time, money, and energy to do just that.